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TechnoServe Mobile Technology TOR for Consultancy Job Opening in Kenya

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Terms of Reference for Development of a Mobile Technology Adoption  and Change Management Guide for Agribusinesses in Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique

March 2014


Overview of TechnoServe
TechnoServe works with enterprising people in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses and industries.
We are a nonprofit organization that develops business solutions to poverty by linking people to information, capital and markets. Our work is rooted in the idea that given the opportunity, hardworking men and women in even the poorest places can generate income, jobs and wealth for their families and communities.

With more than four decades of proven results, we believe in the power of private enterprise to transform lives. For more information visit: www.technoserve.org
Project Overview.
To achieve ground-breaking innovation in mAgri solutions, Vodafone, USAID and TechnoServe have joined forces to form the Connected Farmer Alliance (CFA). The CFA will develop and launch business-to-business  (B2B)  and  business-to-business-to-consumer  (B2B2C) mobile solutions that will create market opportunities for 500,000 smallholder farmers, provide them access to relevant financial products, and improve returns for the agribusinesses that source from them, while unlocking new market opportunities for Vodafone in Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique.
Project Goal, Objectives and Outputs
The CFA will increase revenues and resilience to shocks for 500,000 rural smallholders, nearly 150,000 of who are women, as well as, improve revenues for relevant agribusinesses.  To do this, CFA is intervening in three areas:

    Pillar I: Mobile Supply Chain Solutions:  CFA is engaging agribusiness partners to develop, refine and scale m-Agri solutions to lower their cost and risk of sourcing from women and men smallholder farmers.
    Pillar II: Mobile Financial Services: CFA will develop and launch scalable, replicable financial services that build on the M-PESA platform to empower smallholder farmers to accumulate assets and to reduce financial risks.
    Pillar III: VAS Provider Accelerator: In year three of the program, the CFA will work with an incubator partner to incubate local mobile VAS providers to develop services based on the unaddressed needs identified in the first two years of the program

Purpose of the Guide
In order to successfully launch scale able and replicable mobile solution, CFA considers technology uptake readiness by Agribusinesses key. In this regard, the project wishes to develop a Mobile Technology Adoption and Change Management Guide for Agribusinesses. This will be a Facilitator’s guide serving as a platform for engaging agribusinesses and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in technology adoption and usage.
The Guide will primarily be used by Agribusiness advisors, trainers and MNO Sales persons in reaching out to various types of Agribusiness across multiple value chains.  The content will primarily focus on mobile technology adoption by agribusinesses, how that will improve efficiencies in their engagement with farmers in Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique and the impact of mobile technology on their overall business operations.
It will also cover relevant content on how to undertake change management for agribusinesses. The guide will be revised and updated as appropriate. The guide developed should be user friendly, easily customizable for different agribusinesses and accurate in reflecting key action points in
1) engaging agribusinesses in mobile technology uptake,
2) building the capacity of Agribusinesses to effectively adopt mobile technology and related changes. The Guide should be developed with an option for customization to specific mini guides drawn from the main chapters/sections of the mother guide.

Specific objectives of the consultancy
The consultant shall be expected to develop a facilitator’s guide that meets the following objectives:
a)    Enable mapping out of a clear engagement path of agribusinesses by MNOs in a way that strengthens trust and mutual relations in using and adopting new technology. The Proposed engagement path should demonstrate the value proposition for Agribusinesses in using mobile supply chain and financial services solutions.
b)    Enable agribusinesses appreciate the dynamics and impact (both positive and negative) of change arising from adoption of mobile technology in their operations, more specifically;

    Highlights of possible key implications to agribusiness e.g. staffing, budgets, organizational structure, systems and workflow etc.
    Importance of ownership of the technology adoption process by facilitating dialogue within the agribusiness
    Investing in the technology by committing time and resources in the process
    Understand importance of creating risk mitigation mechanisms in technology roll-out
    Importance of data management in technology
    Understanding of future technology changes and its effect to agribusiness operations

c)    Define and showcase the role of gender in technology adoption among agribusinesses considering specific context in the three countries, for instance:

    Perception of technology by gender in terms of usefulness, difficultness, etc.
    Gender disparity in technology adoption and possible causes for disparities
    Highlights of proposed measures to address the disparity in technology adoption

The Consultancy
TechnoServe desires to engage a consultant to assist in collating material and information and developing a guide to be utilized in building the capacity of Agribusiness to fully adopt mobile based supply chain and financial services solutions.
The guide will primarily be used as a Facilitator’s Guide by various audiences among them Trainers and Sales persons.
The consultant should be able to demonstrate knowledge of content in technology adoption, change management and agribusiness dynamics. The consultant will work with TechnoServe staff to develop the implementation protocols and tools and present them to TechnoServe for approval as necessary.
The list of the target partners, Agribusiness and farmers and the location will be provided to the consultant by the project for context.

Scope of Work
The consultant is expected to develop a technical proposal of how they intend to carry out this assignment. This will include an activity schedule and a financial cost framework (these could later be refined in consultation with TechnoServe team once the tender is awarded). Specifically the following will be the consultant’s scope of work;

    Develop an appropriate assignment implementation design and work plan in consultation with the TechnoServe team.
    Conduct basic research in the areas of mobile technology adoption, change management, agribusiness development and gender, to inform development of the guide. He/she will take into consideration the existing Technoserve learnings in the aforementioned knowledge areas.
    Propose the content of the guide to be developed for discussion and agreement with TechnoServe. The guide should be adaptable for use  across markets, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique (the guide should be able to cut across the regions of the project implementation, characteristics of different agribusinesses, and value chains)
    Design an appropriate, market oriented and unique title for the guide in liaison with Technoserve CFA team.
    Present the first draft of the guide to TechnoServe CFA team for review and feedback. The consultant will incorporate this feedback to the final draft that shall be presented to the stakeholders.
    Organize a stakeholders’ forum in liaison with the TNS CFA team, to pretest the draft Mobile Technology Adoption & Change Management guide. The stakeholder forums shall be country specific (Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique) and may include various cluster of stakeholders namely farmers, agribusiness, Technoserve partners, MNOs among others.
    Review the guide to incorporate learning from pretesting.
    Present a draft report to TechnoServe focusing on the process used to develop the Guide. This will include the list of interviewees engaged, resource materials and other relevant references used.
    Submit final reports with a summary of key findings and an appendices of notes taken during interviews/FGDs, survey instruments and sample photos of sessions.
    Submit the final Draft Mobile Technology Adoption & Change Management guide. This should incorporate the feedback obtained from the stakeholder forum. Additionally the guide should be in the approved Technoserve formart.
    Participate in a findings dissemination session(s) with TechnoServe
    Continuously and proactively work with Technoserve to ensure efficient and quality delivery of expected targets.

Proposal Contents and Evaluation Criteria
All interested candidates should submit the following documents as part of their Expression of Interest (EOI) for the assignment.

(A)Technical Proposal  reflecting the following

Activity: Expertise of Firm/Organization- this section should provide details regarding the management structure of the organization, organization capability/resources, and experience of organization/firm, the list of projects/contracts (both completed and ongoing, both domestic and international) which are related or similar in nature to the requirement of this assignment i.e ICT for Agriculture; Change Management; Mobile Technology Adoption by Agribusinesses/or Farmers; Agribusiness development and Gender integration.
Score: 20%
Activity: Proposed Methodology, Approach and Implementation Plan- This section should demonstrate the proposers response to the Terms of Reference (TOR) by identifying the specific components  proposed, how the requirement shall be addressed, as specified, point by point; providing a detailed description of the essential performance characteristics proposed; identifying the works/portions of the work that will be subcontracted if any; and demonstrating how the proposed methodology meets and exceeds the specifications, while ensuring appropriateness of the approach to the local conditions of the 3 target countries (Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique) and the rest of the project operating environment
Score: 40%
Activity: Key Personnel to be engaged in the assignment – this section should include comprehensive curriculum vitae (CVs) , maximum of 3 pages of key personnel that will be assigned to provide the consultancy service, clearly defining the roles and responsibilities vis-à-vis the proposed methodology. CVs should establish competence and demonstrate qualifications in areas relevant to the TOR.
In complying with this section, the Proposer assures and confirms to TECHNOSERVE that the personnel being nominated are available for the contract on the dates proposed.
Score: 20%
(B)Financial Proposal  reflecting the following
Activity: Financial budget (with explanation of line items and level of efforts) with clearly defined terms of payment.
The financial proposal must include all the costs that will be charged in carrying out this assignment e.g. travel, accommodation etc.  All sums need to be stated in gross amount with all taxes included.
Score: 20%
Total: 100%

Responsibilities of Technoserve

    TechnoServe will be responsible for the general management and coordination of the guide development process. Specifically, TechnoServe will;
    Prepare ToR and hire consultants in coordination with the donor.
    Avail documents relevant to the project context that the consultant might require
    Provide the list of Agribusinesses and  farmers in the sampling design
    Monitor and provide feedback to ensure effectiveness of the study.
    Payment of the consultant as per the agreement.
    Give input to draft and final reports.
    Provide access to clients and key stakeholders
    Provide a key contact person to work with the consultant in delivering the assignment.

Key Deliverables

    A brief Power Point presentation of Assignment Report outlining key findings and implication of the assignment
    Draft Mobile Technology Adoption and Change Management Guide for discussion and pretesting by key stakeholders in the three countries (Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique).
    Final version of The Mobile Technology Adoption and Change Management Guide which   should be in a facilitator’s guide format illustrating:

    A clear Agribusiness client engagement path/process; tips and considerations
    Learning/training Activities that will walk the participants through the mobile technology change management processes.
    A clear, mapped out processes/activities for mobile technology adoption by Agribusiness. With a focus on benefits and risk associated with the adoptions.
    Suggested Gender integration activities that will assist the agribusiness increase women participation via the use of mobile technologies.

    Three (3) bound hard copies of the Final version of the Mobile Technology Adoption and Change Management Guide for Agribusinesses
    Soft copy version in (3) CDs, of the Final Version of the Mobile Technology Adoption and Change Management Guide for Agribusinesses
    All study materials including soft copies of all data sets both quantitative and qualitative and all filled quantitative data collection tools and qualitative data recording materials
    Both the Assignment report and the Guide will be written in English. The report should be concise in its findings and follow the required format. The three copies of the Guide and the final report will be presented to the CFA Program Director- TechnoServe

Tentative Work Schedule
The consultant should develop a feasible cost-work plan/activity schedule covering a maximum of 40 consultant days and submit as integral part of the proposal for consultancy. The successful consultant must commit to accomplish and deliver the consultancy services and deliverables on or before 30th June 2014.

Eligibility Criteria
TechnoServe is looking for a consulting firm with strong technology, change management gender, Agribusiness development and ICT background, preferably with advanced university degree in research, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness development, or similar specialty.
Applicants with an understanding of the target areas will be an added advantage. The individual will need to fulfill the following requirements.

    Have proven experience in conducting assignments of similar nature.
    Have good conceptual understanding of market led approach in agriculture sector.
    Have good conceptual understanding of issues relating to a multiplicity of value chains including Staples related, Cash crops, Dairy and Horticultural sector or general agricultural production and processing firms.
    A proven record of accomplishing related tasks on time.

Expression of Interest
The applicants will submit electronic Expression of Interest (EOI) – Technical AND Financial proposals, stating firm’s capability to conduct the assignment; proposed work plan with timelines and budget; curriculum vitae and description of similar projects/assignments undertaken.
Copies of similar guides developed by the consultant and tested facilitation methodologies as a demonstration of capability will enhance the application.
The budget should include an overall quotation in Kenya shillings and equivalent USD for all the services to be provided and must itemize the following:

    An all-inclusive day rate (for professional and administrative)
    An amount for per diems (daily subsistence allowance) if applicable.
    Any other cost indicating the nature of such costs.
    Summary of the total costs for the services proposed.
    Proposed payment schedule.
    All costs for proposal preparation and of negotiating a contract, including travel will not be reimbursed as a direct cost of the assignment.
    Furthermore an indication of cost share as well as efforts to cut costs will be reviewed favorably.

The consultant will be selected in accordance with TechnoServe’s procurement policy guidelines.

Completed Expression of Interest (EOI) in a PDF format with subject line clearly marked as “CFA Guide Development Consultancy Service” should be submitted to the email address below;


The closing date for submission of Expression of Interest (EOI)/Proposal is Monday 31st March 2014.
Only Successful firms/individuals will be contacted.